1930, the beginning.


The farm was born from a small vineyard in Castagnito village, in the Roero area. Giuseppe and Margherita works asa handyman in Canale’s castle and at the same time they start the production of the grapes. Most of the grapes were sold to wholesalers and the rest were used for winemaking for family use.



Serafino, the first son, is born in the castle of Malabaila’s in Canale and, in the same year, Giuseppe and Margherita, come back to Castagnito to be handy with the farm.



The cellar Allerino Giuseppe is officially born. They start to vilify all the grapes and sell the wine to private customers.


FROM 1963 TO 1971.


The son of Serafino: Giuseppina, Giorgio, Marco and Riccardo are born, and from the beginning, they look very concerned about agricolture, they devote themselves to the farm’s work.
In those years the farm plant the first vineyard of Favorita in the Castagnito’s village.





It’s a very important year cause is begun the modern era. From an easy farm, it passes to the actual society become Azienda Agricola Margherita, in memory of Serafino’s mom.



Serafino’s grandchildren, Alessio and Umberto, join in the society, beginning the 4th generation, providing freshness and modernity.